Josie Eastwood is the owner of Eastwood Fine Art. For over 30 years Josie has worked within the art industry assisting both private and corporate clients develop their art collections. In addition, she works with a broad base  of designers helping them source artworks to complete their client specific projects. 


Josie graduated with a BA in Art History and Italian from Exeter University in 1986, followed by post graduate studies in Fine Art in Florence, Italy. After graduation she held positions within the British Paintings department at Sotheby’s, worked for the highly regarded Pre-Raphaelite dealer, Julian Hartnoll, and managed a well known contemporary London gallery.  In addition, Josie trained as a painter herself, and this gives her an understanding and knowledge of the artist's practice and use of their media.


In 1996 she set up her own business, now known as Eastwood Fine Art, which is well established in Hampshire, and regarded as one of the county’s leading contemporary galleries. 


There are 5 highly anticipated exhibitions a year showcasing contemporary painting, sculpture and ceramics by established and emerging artists. In between shows clients can meet at the gallery by appointment and we are able to make house visits.



    What painting first inspired you?

               Wassily Kandinsky ‘Composition IV’ which hit me like a bolt when I was about 13, I love his work to this day.


     What would be your ‘Desert Island’ painting?

               I would want to cheat and take the whole  fresco series by Benozzo Gozzoli in the Magi Chapel,  Palazzo Medici Riccardi, in Florence.


    What is your favourite public art gallery?

              Palazzo Davanzati in Florence, or Kettles Yard in Cambridge, too difficult to decide. 


    What would you be in another life

              A Detective...

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    What painting first inspired you?

               David Hockney's 'Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)'.  I remember buying a postcard of this painting from the Royal Academy on a school trip and it just blew me away.  I have been a fan of David Hockney ever since.


     What would be your ‘Desert Island’ painting?

               Picasso's 'Seated Woman (Marie-Therese)', 1937.  It is just such a joyful painting.


    What is your favourite public art gallery?

             Royal Academy.  It just has a bit of everything!


    What would you be in another life

              A lady who lunches!



    "A few years ago, when I was on the hunt for a home and a potential gallery, I scoured every village around us for months. I then drove past the barn that has since become our new gallery with the farmhouse beside it, and noticed this mosaic on the wall, a copy of Picasso's 'The Boy and the Dove'. I took this as an omen,...what farmyard has a Picasso on the wall?? The barn was meant to become a space to show art in. Four years on and it looks totally different to the derelict tractor shed it once was, and has been transformed into the most tranquil, light filled exhibition space. I feel the farm was waiting for us to restore it, and bring it back to life" - Josie Eastwood