We work with many private clients to give advice on sourcing artworks for a specific location.  Anything from one room to an entire project. We also undertake a number of curatorial projects with designers to complete their vision of client specific schemes.   When undertaking these searches our goal is to ensure our client makes good, informed decisions on their art purchases, and help them build a cohesive collection.  We also advise on framing, installation and lighting.  


Visiting the home or site of a client helps us to understand the space, architectural details and, most importantly, their preferences and existing artworks. 




Old and new meet in a Georgian Rectory

Over the past year we have been working with a leading interior designer whose client is renovating a beautiful Georgian Rectory.  The role of Eastwood Art Consultancy was to find fresh, exciting pieces that would enhance an existing collection of some wonderful paintings;  a combination of inherited traditional paintings and several contemporary works. Juxtaposing old and new within the design scheme required thought and ingenuity.   This was accomplished and the client was delighted. 


London Flat

Having successfully placed a range of artworks in our client’s country house, we were then tasked to source a large contemporary painting that would be a ‘stand-alone’ piece for their flat in Central London.  The placing of just one solitary work was deemed appropriate for the space. After much time searching, and in collaboration with our client, we placed a work by an artist now also new to the gallery. 


A New Collection

Recently, a young couple came to our gallery in Longstock.  They had previously lived in a small apartment in London but have relocated and bought a Winchester town house.  They are keen gallery followers, and have been collecting for some years.  With more wall space in their new home, they sought our guidance, not only to place their artworks, but to steer them towards new artists.  After several conversations to understand their preferences, visiting their home and becoming familiar with their existing collection, we have now begun to source works.  This assignment will take some time but Josie is leading the search and finds it “very rewarding as one gets to know them and the spaces well. It is exciting suggesting new ideas after studio visits.  This way they see works specifically chosen for them.  In addition, they have also just commissioned several pieces by a few of our established gallery artists”.



1.   Meet with gallery owner, Josie Eastwood, to establish brief.

2.   Site visit to become familiar with physical space and understand client preferences. If far away, this process can begin if images and details of the space are sent for consideration.

3.   Artworks selected from gallery and studio visits for client to consider.

4.   Arrange delivery of works for review and decide on the hanging layout.



Initial hourly consultation fee plus travel costs to and from client home.