From Clients

Its always a pleasure to visit Josie’s gallery and explore what new paintings and artists Josie is showing. She has a diverse range of contemporary art and artists and there is always something interesting that catches my eye, and she has a great knack of showing paintings at their best and the new gallery is a great space for doing this. What makes the real difference is Josie’s personable and relaxed style, combined with her extensive knowledge of the art and artists. I always feel I have come away with a painting that suits what I like and will fit in the space I have in mind for it at home. An added value experience all round.

Patrick Doherty


It has been an absolute pleasure going to Josie’s gallery and looking for pieces to compliment our home. We are delighted with the work we selected and each one brings something to the room. Josie is so in tune with our requirements and has been wonderful to work with.

Tatiana Milne-Skillman


On the way home, it occurred to me that what you do is sell parcels of pleasure wrapped up in a moment of time.

Charlie Burt


Josie has been an invaluable source of contemporary British Art for us. Her shows are always fun and diverse - she has a great range of works from exciting young developing artists as well as more mature works from established or “collectable” artists. She has recently added more sculpture and ceramics to the shows, which we support. Josie has also been very helpful in installing the works at our home, advising on location and lighting, and she now knows exactly what space we have to fill and our taste… which is dangerous!

Edward Spurrier


Thank you so much for coming out to our home and helping us get the most from the paintings we bought from you at the last show. It's always great seeing the artworks the way you present them at your place, but to see them properly displayed and get the same 'wow' factor back at home is really special. Thanks for all your time and patience with us.

Gareth Roberts 


We get a sense of peaceful informality when perusing the art in Josie’s gallery. A visit there is always a pleasure and there is certainly no feeling of compunction to buy. My wife and I have bought paintings on just half of our visits; they are now our ‘pride and joy’. She has artists representing a wide range of styles, so there is something there for every taste.
Not only does she have a great gallery but she is also outstanding when it comes to hanging. Having recently moved in to our new build my wife and I set about trying to place our existing paintings. We didn’t quite come to blows but it was clear that we were not close to agreeing what went where… Josie to the rescue!
She had us make a pile of paintings we were both keen to have hung, the ‘definites’ and a second pile of ‘possibles’. We then stood back and let her, with her husband’s assistance, get to work. By early afternoon she had transformed the interior of our house in a way that we could not have envisaged. Marital conflict averted! We have had a huge number of accolades for the way the art in our house is displayed. Thank you Josie.

Professor Brian Ellis MB FRCS


The antithesis of the some of the rather sterile London galleries where people talk in hushed tones and all eyes are on you as you enter, at Eastwood Fine Art, paintings are hung in a light-drenched barn and are dotted around Josie’s kitchen and drawing room. You can wander, coffee in hand, not feeling under pressure but knowing that Josie is happy to give advice if it’s wanted.
Don’t be fooled. This isn’t a regional backwater, Josie exhibits some important contemporary artists along with newly discovered talent.

Victoria Thompson


Josie's morning of re-hanging our pictures transformed our house from a place where none of the rooms quite worked, to a place where suddenly the rooms made sense, in a very natural way. It felt like an altogether new home.

Georgie Krone


Josie's special skill is in sharing the particular taste in art of every single one of her customers! I always know I will find something I love in her wonderful selection of artists, sculptures and paintings. And Josie can always predict what that will be! Hers is a very special personal business and our walls would be the worse off without her!

Isabel Boissier


Josie has the job I would like to have. I don’t think she would describe what she does as a job but rather, a passion that she has turned into a business. Her love of art is clear and it is always a huge pleasure to visit her gallery.

Belinda Scott


We have used Josie for a number of years, and have found her an invaluable support in the selection and placement of artwork. Her knowledge, particularly of relevant British emerging artists, has allowed us to make sound investment decisions, as well as filling our Houses with beautiful art.

Sean Parrott


James and myself have frequently used Eastwood Fine Arts both in an advisory capacity, and a buying one. We regularly go to her exhibitions and have bought particular paintings which Josie then recommends where they should/could be placed, and has come out to hang paintings for us. It is a service which not many high street galleries offer, and she has cleverly pitched herself in a unique and invaluable place in the art market. We would highly recommend her.

James and Astrid Findlay



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for choosing such beautiful artwork for our clients in London and Hampshire.  Having someone who understands the process of interior design and who is able to supply our clients with not only something beautiful to hang on their wall, but an item that will appreciate in value is an invaluavble service.


What I really like about the way you manage your business is firstly the client can pay a visit to your gallery to determine the artists they most like and then following on from that, you visit them in their home with a collection of possible pieces which they can then see in situ.

Thank you again so much for all your hard work, my client is thrilled and is definitely coming back to see you for some more pieces.
Stephanie Dunning, Dunning & Everard Interior Designers


It is fabulous to work with Josie who understands interiors and the placement of art to complement an interior design project.  My clients have been extremely happy with the variety of beautiful pieces that Josie has selected for various projects.  She has a talent for choosing new and exciting artists, and it is always a great pleasure to visit the gallery in Hampshire where, in a calm atmosphere, you can select from a large and varied collection to find the perfect piece.

Clare Bayne, Collingwood Bayne Design, West Sussex