Vanessa exhibited with us several years ago, and then for a while she returned to a pretty full-time career in illustration, with many of her designs appearing in ‘House and Gardens’ and other well know publications. We are so pleased to be showing her work again, no longer her easily recognised still lives of flowers, but her new favoured subject matter - village scenes -  a moment captured in time. Vanessa’s landscapes have both charm and a wonderful sense of pattern, combining muted subtle colour with jewel-like accents. Inspired by the countryside around her home in the depths of Dorset, she captures features left by the working of the land, punctuated by seasonal landmarks – skeletons of trees in winter or hedgerow flowers in summer. These new works are intimate portraits of her Dorset landscape.


Vanessa graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1993 in printed textile design.  During her time there she won the Eileen Bendall and Sanderson prizes for drawing, and the Daler Rowney Young Artist Award – for pastels exhibited at the Mall Galleries – two years running.