After years of wanting to practice as an artist, Marilyn Browning waited until her children had grown up, and then went to train at Falmouth Art College. On graduating in 1999 with a B.A. in Fine Arts, she received a Scholarship enabling her to travel with the artist Lorraine Wake.


Marilyn has exhibited widely, and is represented by Badcocks Gallery in Cornwall, and Cadogan Contemporary in London. She withdrew from exhibiting in 2010, intent on returning to painting without any pressures. She has re-emerged with a fresh body of work, that I feel has benefitted from the time spent experimenting.  Delicate and dreamlike, her seemingly ‘simple’ canvases are instantly memorable. Her understated paintings are a treat, often isolating everyday objects, such as a table, shoes or people, from their everyday surroundings.


“Scraps of memory come and go, ideas come slantwise, one thought enlarges another, they appear randomly, unrelated, until suddenly and stunningly, they don’t. Links are made and the subject of the painting begins to reveal itself to me”.                                                    Marilyn Browning