Shelly Tregoning was born in Mauritius and she spent her early life being brought up in the West Indies. She was educated in England and now lives and works in Cornwall, having gained her BA in Fine Art at University College, Falmouth in 2011. She has been selected for the Discerning Eye, the National Open Art Competition, RWA exhibitions and the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition.

"My work is a response to the intimacies of my life - an emotional connection to those closest to me and to fragments of the everyday that I encounter. I am trying to make sense in some way, of life and personal identity - through conversations with friends, places I have been and the things I see along the way.

Visually gathering ‘moments’ which inform my work, these drawings and scribbles create a scaffolding upon which I build my images. I don’t want simply to re-create an illustration of place or person, but rather through marks, painterly gestures and line, to express sensation and a sense of identity.

I want the physicality of paint to play its part, as it slips and slides across the surface, loaded on and wiped off until the image is anchored to its form. I feel compelled to pare down to the essential, but to do this without losing the sense of poetry - to keep things unencumbered, but not sterile. I want to convey a sense of immediacy, brevity and transience. In a quiet way I want to speak of universal truths and what it is to be emotionally connected."


Solo Shows
Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, November 2019

Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh, November 2017
Undirected Thought, The New Street Gallery, Penzance, December 2011
In Print, Truro Arts, Truro, July 2012
Minimal, The Four Crows Gallery, Porthleven, September 2013

2nd Prize Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, September 2019

The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London, November 2016
National Open Art Exhibition, London, October 2016
Columbia Threadneedle Prize, 2016
The Discerning Eye - Judges Selection, 2015
Royal West of England Academy, 2015
The Discerning Eye - Judges Selection, 2014
Royal West of England Academy, 2014
The Discerning Eye – Judges Selection, 2011
The National Open Art Competition,  2011