Sadie Brockbank graduated with honours from Falmouth School of Art in 1987, where she studied Painting. However her paintings rapidly became more and more three dimensional, with birds and beasts protruding from the canvasses.


Following art school Sadie’s work moved more fully into the arena of Sculpture, building with wood and plaster for a series of sculptures finished with coloured and patterned textile surfaces. She joined ‘The 62 Group’, an organisation of textile artists, and exhibited at various venues including ‘Out of the Frame’ a show at the Crafts Council in September 1992.


Subsequently Sadie became interested in the lost wax process of bronze casting and produced a series of mythical figurative sculptures.


Sadie continues to work in a variety of mediums; principally ceramics, bronze, and mixed media: “Moving between different mediums helps me to maintain a feeling of discovery and immediacy when I am working. It keeps play alive”.


Sadie’s work explores themes of journey, cooperation, and principally, human-kind’s relationship to the environment and the other life forms that we share it with. It seeks to explore our interdependence, and express her love for the natural world.


Sadie is a frequent participant of the Open Studios scheme in West Berkshire and North Hampshire, and has exhibited widely in the south of England, at both Art Fairs and Galleries, including  the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.


Sadie Brockbank was a runner up in the Royal British Society of Sculptors ‘First@108’ Public Art Award 2015 in November 2015.