I know it might be perceived as boring to have an artist’s work in every single exhibition at the gallery, but I disagree, especially with Judy’s work. It continues to excite and inspire me, her work has evolved hugely over the years, and her treatment of the same subject matter deepened and altered. Constantly pushing herself and experimenting, her paintings are absolutely stunning, and show huge talent and a love and knowledge of her media.


Judy was born in Sydney in 1961. She studied painting at Falmouth College of Art from 1990-93, receiving a First Class honours. Following this, Judy was awarded a bursary to take a Post Graduate Diploma at The Royal Academy Schools.


In 1995 Judy moved to Cornwall, where she established both her home and studio with her artist husband Jeremy Annear, from where she continues to practice today. The studio is housed in an old converted chapel beside her home on the Lizard peninsular, the floor covered in years of paint splatters, almost a living palette.


Other than Landscape, Judy’s themes include Still-life and Equine subjects.  Studio still-lives of delicate flowers and objects, their transience requiring an urgent response, the marks on the canvasses echoing the fall of the petals on the table.  The monumental, universal forms of horses and riders, gives life to a figurative, bold, sculptural drawing and carving on the canvas, expressing her passion for the subject.     Judy is renowned for her bold and vigorous use of paint, predominantly applied with a palette knife, each stroke defining something crucial in the composition and balance of the work.


“Judy Buxton is an artist so deeply immersed in her subject that her richly textured, expansive paintings entirely transcend the visual image: air shimmers with warmth, soft petals decay and fall, horses surge with energy and liquid surfaces gently drift; these are paintings which are felt much more than seen. ”                   - Mercedes Smith


Over the years Judy has received numerous awards and reviews, such as The Royal watercolour Prize, Hunting Art prize Winner, Nat West Finalist and Prize Winner, and she has also received the honour of The Freedom of the City of London. Since 2010 Judy has been represented by the Thackeray Gallery in London. She has shown at the gallery since 2001. On my first visit to her studio we bought our first Buxton, since when we have added to our collection, and it speaks volumes that we love them even more than when we first acquired them!