Rupert Till left Chelsea School of Art in 1991 with a degree in Public Art.  Shortly after leaving college he was out walking in Yorkshire and tripped over an old pheasant pen. This he calls his ‘Eureka’ moment, as it dawned on him whilst pulling up the old wire from the brambles and grass, that it was very easy to mould and stretch, and that this could be the perfect material for him to work with. At the time nearly all sculptors were working in bronze or resin. His first commission of a greyhound followed soon after.  Then an appearance on the BBC brought in an early flood of interest in his contemporary wire pieces. Shortly afterwards Rupert was asked to exhibit in Rupert Golby’s Country Life garden at Chelsea. This brought him huge exposure and propelled his work into a more international market.


Rupert has exhibited at many Country Fairs and has shown annually at Chelsea Flower Show. One of his first commissions was for Jilly Cooper.  His sculptures can be found in the collection of the King of Saudi Arabia, the Daylesford Estate, and the Belgian Government amongst many others.


Rupert is now based in Gloucestershire and works on private and corporate commissions throughout the year.  Rupert no longer works with garden wire, but specially produced bronze wire, that allows him more flexibility when working.