‘I have been working with a small number of vessels. Using a restricted palette I have been concentrating on the exploration of the compositional elements of colour, line and shape in developing the space in the picture.   Seeing and painting this way has become fundamental to my practice.

How the objects stand in their space, how one affects another is all important in the painting, as is the visual journey across the space between them. Close observation of the objects gives them weight and substance. They become characters inhabiting a landscape, sometimes as groups and at other times as individuals.’                                                                                                                       Sarah Spackman                                                                                                                   

What I particularly love about Sarah’s work is that she applies the guiding principle that good drawing is the basis of a good painting, and that colour should be used to enhance the organisation and definition of observed space and form. It is rare nowadays to find artists who value the tradition of drawing and the importance it has in the underlying structure of any piece of art. The first painting I bought aged 21 was by Sarah, and I still love it. Her work stands the test of time.

Sarah Spackman graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1981 and since 1986 has worked full time as an artist and exhibited regularly, mainly in England and Ireland.  Her work is in many private collections, including The Allied Irish Bank.