Jill trained as a textile designer at Winchester School of Art, and after graduating worked freelance creating designs for the fashion and home decor industries. She began painting full time in 2016, and has since sold work throughout the UK.


Jill isinspired by the 20th century artists of The St Ives school, including Terry Frost, Patrick Heron and Ben Nicholson, and mid-century designers such as Robin and Lucienne Day.


“My own work has an ongoing subtle love affair with minimal abstraction, design, landscape and architecture. More recent work is processed-based which sits well with my formal training as a designer. This has, in turn, given me a strong understanding of how paint works, moves and reacts both on canvas and paper. 


In addition to my more analogue work, I also make digital paintings and drawings. They sometimes develop into final work for prints or starting points for paintings. This cyclical method keeps my ideas fluid, and invites a more bold approach to my practice.”